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Speedbumps > Satan.


I need to vent.  Apart from broken biscuits and a slow connection, the worst thing in the world is… THE SPEEDBUMP.  I’ve never fully understood why they would be necessary, apart from the obvious hiding a body. When I see that demonic sign warning me that one is ahead (the sign is usually covered by trees), I get shivers down my spine, I feel the anger bubbling up inside me as I slow down to a crawl.  Once I have bounced painfully over it, corrected my spinal alignment and normalized my blood pressure, I pound the accelerator in an attempt to make up for lost time – essentially my finger to the powers that be. I’m not the only one that does this – I’ve seen countless frustrated drivers slam into grand prix mode the second that satanic bump is passed.

_Let me catch my breath_

I think that they should be banned and any suburbs that have speedbumps should be demolished.  6 life sentences to anyone who disagrees and/or was involved in the creation of a speedbump. Whoever invented them deserves nothing other than the death sentence.

Wow. That felt good.