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Stop Smoking, Eat Healthy, Get Hit by a Bus


Ask anyone and they will tell you that I’m paranoid. I don’t drink and drive, I worry about the future and I clean my flat constantly. Recently, however, I have begun to realise that life is too short – way too short. I’m taking my own advice and learning to breathe more and I can already feel the results.

Some small steps I have taken to being a happier, more relaxed and less panicked person.

1.  I tattooed ‘Breathe’ onto my arm – just to remind me when things get rough.
2.  I stay an extra 5 minutes in the bath every morning.

3. I sleep when I get the chance.

4. I’m meeting new people.

5. I keep pets (This one helps a lot).

6. I ALWAYS have my music with me.

7.  I take the time to photograph special things that I see.

Try a few of the things above and give yourself time to do the things you love, you will soon feel the veil of the mundane lifting and you will feel more refreshed when you have to do the things you don’t enjoy. Creativity is born from a place of peace.


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“Cigarettes are bad, mmmkay?”


I’m sure that if you smoke you have heard of the so-called ‘miracle drug’ Champix (Chantix if you live in the USA and like to be different). It supposedly works very well, apart from the vivid dreams and suicide attempts – and I’m considering trying it myself.  The way I understand it (i.e. don’t expect anything scientific) is that it stops your body from “receiving” nicotine, which essentially makes smoking quite a useless endeavor. I’ve heard it does nothing for the craving, apart from the fact that smoking will not satisfy it, and so naturally you have to want to quit in the first place. I’ve met 2 people so far who have been successful and so I am quite curious – I just have to decide if wanting to kill myself is worth quitting – smoking is also suicide I guess, but at least I wont be miserable on the way down. I have a friend who is going to try it – if it works I may give it a shot. I’ll keep you posted.

Also, nice idea for cigarette design (See picture above). Check it out.

Read about Champix here.

P.S.  If you don’t like Wikipedia, make something better and stop bitching.

Unbranded Cigarettes


There has been much discussion recently about removing any brand differentiating elements from cigarette packs.  Personally, I feel that this would be a step in the wrong direction – as a smoker and a designer – I feel little affinity to my chosen addiction’s aesthetic appeal, rather I feel more drawn to its gift of nicotine.

I have always believed that it is more fun to do something you are not allowed to do – no one can argue that a stolen cookie always tastes better.  I feel that this applies to most things I have encountered.  Censorship, age restrictions, banning of books and general panic about the souls of the population at large create free P.R and a desire to see more.  Stop hiding things and rather focus on educating people about what they are seeing and doing.

Hiding a logo is not going to make me quit smoking, much in the same way adverts about alcohol related accidents do nothing to stop you from driving drunk when you are in the wrong circumstance. Also – generic packs are easier to counterfeit which will result in higher sales of illegal cigarettes and therefore easier access for people who are not yet of the legal smoking age.

P.S  I actually think the generic packs are more attractive than what we see on our shelves at the moment – but that I would imagine is subjective.