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Pretty cool timewaster and the old-school feel rocks.  Check it out.


Carwash vs. Coffee Shop.

I don’t think there is anything worse than a hipster designer sitting at a coffee shop with a MacBook. It’s horrible and creates the impression of your typical starving artist in the big city trying to make a name for themselves. I do however have to admit that it does have a certain something when it comes to idea generation. I’ve been thinking of alternatives to being trapped in my flat without the added disaster of being labelled a hipster and it finally came to me this afternoon at the carwash. It’s a nice chilled environment, I get to feel productive because I’m getting something cleaned and I don’t have to look like a hipster – bonus! Seriously though, it’s a great environment and it’s good for the soul to get out and do something that takes you away for an hour or 2, plus the fact that there is little else as awesome as a a squeaky clean car. Carwashes tend to have plug points for their vacuum cleaners which is also a plus.

Do it.