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Inked Illustration


Some very cool, simple pen & ink illustration by Don Kenn, all done on post-its – check out his work here.


A Warning.


It is with great sadness that I bring you this message of terror. The approaching plague of Zombies is going largely unnoticed my the majority of society – and believe me it is happening.  The signs are all there – for those who wish to see them. Rampant hordes of Velociraptors seem to have blinded the average city dweller to their surroundings.

Stay vigilant and always remember the following:

  • Weaponry – choose carefully, remember that ammo runs out and that blades require close contact.
  • Zombies are not proficient at writing poetry, they are however quite competent in the field of ‘Postmodern art’.  This is always a sure test.
  • Zombies tend to not greet you prior to touching your face.
  • Stock up on 2-Minute Noodles (Not Maggi brand) and always keep something warm nearby.

I wish you well fellow travelers.

Image credit AND tutorial (Vectortuts)

Vector Tutorials


Really cool site.  I made my name using one of the tutorials, it isn’t amazing, but it only took 10 minutes.

Check it out here.

Nice Pencil Work


Image Credit

I’ve never been one for artistic integrity – I think if tracing, stealing or cheating makes something effective, then why not?  I imagine the above images would make some cringe – being copied from photographs (and possibly traced), however, you can’t deny that the pencil work is amazing.

Polar Bear Murder


You know that annoying girl at the front of the class? The one that violently thrusts her hand into the air and blurts out a (usually) correct answer. The one that did tomorrow’s homework yesterday while she saved a kitten and baked a fresh batch of organic cookies for the homeless. Yes her. Did you know she kills polar bears? It is scientifically proven. Thinking, overachieving and general zest for life all use more energy than what us normal folk use doing what we do best – nothing. Using energy requires that one eats more, which puts strain on the environment (not to mention the extra energy used to cook those meals) which contributes GREATLY to global warming. Global warming melts the ice caps and kills polar bears.  Do your part and be lazy.

Image Credit: Me.

Mario Bros. Illustration


I LOVE these.  I’m quite tired of being bombarded by digital illustration – to the point that most of the ones I see have lost their punch, simply because I’ve seen too many – but these are really cool.