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Simple, pretty CI

Simple, pretty CI

Click on the picture for the source. I love simple, beautiful CIs – this one caught my eye.


Password Trick

I can’t for the life of me remember where I saw this – never bookmarked it unfortunately. If you, like most people, have a million passwords to remember, you probably end up using the same one for multiple accounts. This is not a good idea. If someone finds out the password, they have access to your entire online life.

Set up passwords like this, to make them easy to remember and hard to hack. Let’s assume your password is ‘password’.

Facebook: fbpassword or passwordfb

Twitter: twpassword or passwordtw

GMail: gmpassowrd or passwordgm

I really liked this idea. The guy did mention though that you should figure out your own system – just in case. So use single letters (fpassword) or triple (fbapassword, where a = account).

Inked Illustration


Some very cool, simple pen & ink illustration by Don Kenn, all done on post-its – check out his work here.

“Cigarettes are bad, mmmkay?”


I’m sure that if you smoke you have heard of the so-called ‘miracle drug’ Champix (Chantix if you live in the USA and like to be different). It supposedly works very well, apart from the vivid dreams and suicide attempts – and I’m considering trying it myself.  The way I understand it (i.e. don’t expect anything scientific) is that it stops your body from “receiving” nicotine, which essentially makes smoking quite a useless endeavor. I’ve heard it does nothing for the craving, apart from the fact that smoking will not satisfy it, and so naturally you have to want to quit in the first place. I’ve met 2 people so far who have been successful and so I am quite curious – I just have to decide if wanting to kill myself is worth quitting – smoking is also suicide I guess, but at least I wont be miserable on the way down. I have a friend who is going to try it – if it works I may give it a shot. I’ll keep you posted.

Also, nice idea for cigarette design (See picture above). Check it out.

Read about Champix here.

P.S.  If you don’t like Wikipedia, make something better and stop bitching.

Minimalist Posters





I don’t have the credit for these, so if you know where they come from or see them around please let me know.

Nice Pencil Work


Image Credit

I’ve never been one for artistic integrity – I think if tracing, stealing or cheating makes something effective, then why not?  I imagine the above images would make some cringe – being copied from photographs (and possibly traced), however, you can’t deny that the pencil work is amazing.

Blame the Dark Lord


Ever done anything wrong? Well, I haven’t – but I’ve seen the anguish erring causes, and so in an attempt to help you out – I designed the sticker above (image credit). Print it on sticker paper and neatly place it on anything you have broken, destroyed, screwed up or generally made bad. Voila. Absolved of guilt.

Gosh darn that satan. -.-