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iPad App (Concept)


Check out the project description and my other work here.


Branding and the Big Bad World


I really like this CI. Makes me happy. ^.^ It also calls to mind the BURNING DESIRE I have to brand. I’m never happier than when I work on a CI. I’m guessing that branding is where I’ll end up considering. The transitioning phase between University and ‘Adult’ life is terrifying – there are so many things to consider. Where will I live? Where will I work? Am I good enough?

I guess it boils down to diving in with some hard work, a charming smile and lots of luck – hoping for the best.

See the full CI here.

Simple, pretty CI

Simple, pretty CI

Click on the picture for the source. I love simple, beautiful CIs – this one caught my eye.

Unbranded Cigarettes


There has been much discussion recently about removing any brand differentiating elements from cigarette packs.  Personally, I feel that this would be a step in the wrong direction – as a smoker and a designer – I feel little affinity to my chosen addiction’s aesthetic appeal, rather I feel more drawn to its gift of nicotine.

I have always believed that it is more fun to do something you are not allowed to do – no one can argue that a stolen cookie always tastes better.  I feel that this applies to most things I have encountered.  Censorship, age restrictions, banning of books and general panic about the souls of the population at large create free P.R and a desire to see more.  Stop hiding things and rather focus on educating people about what they are seeing and doing.

Hiding a logo is not going to make me quit smoking, much in the same way adverts about alcohol related accidents do nothing to stop you from driving drunk when you are in the wrong circumstance. Also – generic packs are easier to counterfeit which will result in higher sales of illegal cigarettes and therefore easier access for people who are not yet of the legal smoking age.

P.S  I actually think the generic packs are more attractive than what we see on our shelves at the moment – but that I would imagine is subjective.

Unusual Business Cards


Some really nice ideas here (aesthetics aside).  I particularly like the one that you stick on car scratches.

Check them all out here.

Old School Branding


Stunning identity.  Check it out here.