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Updated MacBook Pro (2012) vs. MacBook Pro Retina

Deciding between these two laptops is like choosing between your two favorite kinds of chocolate. It is practically impossible, unless you are rolling and can predict the future. I’ve been mulling over the decision for about 2 weeks now, because I would hate to spend all that money on the wrong computer. After reading about 4 million forums, I have come to the following conclusion:

These computers are equally good and as a result the purchasing decision should be based on what you value most in a laptop. The following is a list of important things that not everyone is aware of prior to the decision:

The Retina CANNOT be upgraded and is very difficult (expensive) to repair. Apparently you can add a new SSD.

The Retina comes standard with SSD as opposed to HDD.

The Retina does not display the high resolution that Apple keep singing about natively, you have to up the resolution in your settings – which uses more RAM.

8GB Ram is good now, but will it be in 3 years? It is soldered on, so it better be.

The Retina has HDMI out – finally! Thanks Apple.

The Retina DOES NOT have a super-drive.

All that said, it is a beautiful machine with an amazing display – the best I’ve seen on a laptop. Its incredibly thin and the all-flash storage makes everything seem really fast.

The updated MacBook Pro (2012):

Is upgradable and easily repairable.

It still has Apple’s mini display port instead of HDMI out.

The screen is not even close to as good at the retina.

It’s a heavy machine – but definitely not unbearable.

It comes standard with HDD, but for the price of a small house you can upgrade to SSD.

Ultimately, the decision boils down to how long you need to keep this computer, whether or not you like to fiddle with its insides and how important a high quality screen is to your work. I’m going with the Retina.


The Death of the iPhone


I’m an apple whore, and I’m the first to admit it. I have a Macbook, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, iPod Nano and an iPod Classic, but I have to say, that unless the new iPhone (Presumably iPhone 5) is a MAJOR improvement on the current 4S, I think I might switch over to Samsung. My biggest problem with iPhone, is the limited apps in South Africa – it is practically appless unless you JailBreak, and it really does lack the ability to be customised – static wallpapers don’t really count.

That said, Apple have a way of making their products feel sturdy, and I’ll miss the beautiful finish and weightiness (while remaining light) that I have come to love. Samsung phones, while very functional, tend to feel very plastic and cheap.

Check out some iPhone 5 rumors here.


Before all the designers hate me, I LOVE my Mac, and all my other Apple products, I just expect more from them considering the competition.