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More free type ^_^

More free type ^_^

Typography ❤


Cool Typefaces


Some pretty typefaces.

Infographic about Weight Loss

Nice design, interesting ideas. I have personally tried the Atkins diet – all it did was make me sick and so I am an advocate for WeightWatchers (which is how I lost my weight) – but that said this does make sense. Found it here


Movie Posters


I really, really love minimalism.  Gimmicks (in my mind) are THE mark of bad design.  Say something and say it in the most condensed way possible.  These posters are a very good example of doing just that.  So pretty ^_^

K er ning Game.

K er ning Game.

Pretty cool way to learn about kerning – and quite addictive.

Some free typefaces

Some free typefaces

Free things are usually free for a reason, but some of these are pretty decent.

Gossip – Move in the Right Direction

I love this type integration and the song is pretty cool too. Beth Ditto rocks.