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Exceptionally well designed site.


Branding and the Big Bad World


I really like this CI. Makes me happy. ^.^ It also calls to mind the BURNING DESIRE I have to brand. I’m never happier than when I work on a CI. I’m guessing that branding is where I’ll end up considering. The transitioning phase between University and ‘Adult’ life is terrifying – there are so many things to consider. Where will I live? Where will I work? Am I good enough?

I guess it boils down to diving in with some hard work, a charming smile and lots of luck – hoping for the best.

See the full CI here.

My C.V


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Simple, pretty CI

Simple, pretty CI

Click on the picture for the source. I love simple, beautiful CIs – this one caught my eye.

Cute Infographic

I deep-etched cupcakes for my last project – food is not fun to cut out.



Integrated Advertising

Wish they showed us this video in class. Brilliantly done.

Bubble Wrap


I knew this stuff was awesome. Check this out.