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Exceptionally well designed site.


Designer’s Toolbox



Cool resources – click on the logo.



Pretty cool looking site – also takes all the stress out of beat-boxing.

That’s So Hipster.

That’s So Hipster.

It’s a disgustingly hipster online store – but everything is so wonderful it makes me want to abuse my credit card O.o The internal debates I have when I look at this site are horrifying.

It’s South African too – always a plus.

You can check out the blog here:


Birdbox Studio’s – Wildebeest

This reminds me of the arguments I have with my friends.

Dumb Ways to Die

LOVE the characters – good timing – nice song. 10/10

Refreshingly Good Movie

I know it has been out for a while, but if you haven’t seen it then check out Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows. It isn’t typical Burton (which is a good thing).

My favorite quote from the move: “15 and not married? You better put those birthing hips to good use, lest they shrivel up and die.”