Too Little Sleep?

Not sleeping enough has some HORRIBLE side effects, that you should keep in mind next time you have a deadline. Without 7 – 8 hours a night (for the average person), you may be more prone to:

Obesity, heart disease, diabetes, headaches, depression, slow reflexes and death. (Source)

I’ve challenged myself to get 8 hours a night for a week to see if I notice any changes, so far I’ve had too much work to get it right. Friday I worked until 2, Saturday until 3 and tonight looks no better.

From tomorrow I will go to bed by 10 (if I can) and wake up at 6 or 7. I’ll update any positive effects.


About sparkless88

Final year Information Design student. New to the world of blogging, but loving it already.

2 responses to “Too Little Sleep?”

  1. A Social Unicorn says :

    I’ve actually read that sleeping around 6 hours a night is much more beneficial than 8 hours. Apparently you live longer that way. I think I saw it on Wikipedia, and Wiki never lies.

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