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Some really nice posters by Mike Joyce – all are re-works of old posters in a modernist/swiss style. LOVE! Check out the whole series here.


Havoc and Bright Lights Stream

Havoc and Bright Lights Stream

Too Little Sleep?

Not sleeping enough has some HORRIBLE side effects, that you should keep in mind next time you have a deadline. Without 7 – 8 hours a night (for the average person), you may be more prone to:

Obesity, heart disease, diabetes, headaches, depression, slow reflexes and death. (Source)

I’ve challenged myself to get 8 hours a night for a week to see if I notice any changes, so far I’ve had too much work to get it right. Friday I worked until 2, Saturday until 3 and tonight looks no better.

From tomorrow I will go to bed by 10 (if I can) and wake up at 6 or 7. I’ll update any positive effects.

Practice Makes Perfect


Pretty AND informative. Source here.

The Curse of the Flash Drive

Every good designer knows, that without a Flash drive, you will never amount to anything. Nothing says, “I’m important.”, like a shiny new flash drive dangling from your keys. I however, have been cursed with the inability to keep my flash drives in a state of workability for more than a week. I am currently on my 5th for the year, with deaths including but not limited to: washing machines, car tires and theft. I eventually decided to purchase my 6th one after my favorite Sylvester shaped 4 Gig suffered an untimely death on Lynnwood road.

Meet my new storage device – Transcend’s Rugged 8 Gig. Water, dust and shock resistent (military standard). If I break this one, I give up.


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iPhone 5

It’s finally here.