Part-Time Stalker

I must confess – this blog is here largely due to my obsession with Fran Luckin from Ogilvy. I need to get a spot in the Graduate Program so that I can finally work with her. My previous attempts at grabbing her attention have failed (see below), however, I will persist!




The Hi!Fran Campaign marked my desperate attempts to get Fran to notice me – she didn’t (and the cat died – just saying). If you have any information on her whereabouts please let me know.


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About sparkless88

Final year Information Design student. New to the world of blogging, but loving it already.

2 responses to “Part-Time Stalker”

  1. Conrad Travis David says :

    Good Attempt dude, also trying my best to get placement at Ogilvy

    Google : Conrad wants to work at Ogilvy.
    or click this link

    watch the slideshare i created (converting my CV to a presentation)

    Wish you all the best man . take care

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