Don’t Eat the Delicious Piggy


My thoughts on not eating meat:

I personally feel that you can eat whatever you please, provided you would be able to kill it yourself. I don’t expect you to slaughter a cow in your back yard – I don’t think the authorities would approve, however, if you would be able to do it in the bush – then eat your way to an early death. I know that I would not be able to kill the delicious piggy displayed above and so I do not eat pork – in fact I avoid all red meat (mammals) and stick to chicken and fish, as I would be able to catch, kill and prepare myself a chicken or fish dinner should I be required to do so.

I’m not an advocate of vegetarianism and/or any dietary beliefs – I just think that it is a cop out to eat something you couldn’t kill by yourself.

Happy munching 🙂

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