Polar Bear Murder


You know that annoying girl at the front of the class? The one that violently thrusts her hand into the air and blurts out a (usually) correct answer. The one that did tomorrow’s homework yesterday while she saved a kitten and baked a fresh batch of organic cookies for the homeless. Yes her. Did you know she kills polar bears? It is scientifically proven. Thinking, overachieving and general zest for life all use more energy than what us normal folk use doing what we do best – nothing. Using energy requires that one eats more, which puts strain on the environment (not to mention the extra energy used to cook those meals) which contributes GREATLY to global warming. Global warming melts the ice caps and kills polar bears.  Do your part and be lazy.

Image Credit: Me.


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Final year Information Design student. New to the world of blogging, but loving it already.

5 responses to “Polar Bear Murder”

  1. Sacha Black says :

    LOL, as the annoying girl at the front of the class I think this is hilarious!! I Love your logic cause it makes me smile 🙂

  2. Sacha Black says :

    Thought about what I am doing in what way?? By doing a lot, all of the time? I am literally incapable of doing nothing!! I’ve tried!!

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