Movie Posters


I really, really love minimalism.  Gimmicks (in my mind) are THE mark of bad design.  Say something and say it in the most condensed way possible.  These posters are a very good example of doing just that.  So pretty ^_^


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Final year Information Design student. New to the world of blogging, but loving it already.

2 responses to “Movie Posters”

  1. liesllrx says :

    I love this! Really beautifully done and executed. My kind of design. I would love to have a series of these.

    Do you think it’s too ‘high brow’ though in terms of being a successful advert? You need to have seen the films to fully appreciate the cleverness of the posters, which kind of defeats the point of a movie poster – if you are trying to attract a new audience that is.

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