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Lightbulb Terrarium


I made one of these a while back – it’s a fun project and they look really nice. Just watch out for cutting yourself with the light bulb – I used 2 before I got it right. Use popped bulbs if you can. You can buy desiccated moss at pet stores (they use it in snake tanks sometimes).


Rubik’s Cube


Ain’t Nodody Got Time For That.


Watch this.

Then watch this.

*Please note that I cannot be held responsible for however long this is stuck in your head.*

Blame the Dark Lord


Ever done anything wrong? Well, I haven’t – but I’ve seen the anguish erring causes, and so in an attempt to help you out – I designed the sticker above (image credit). Print it on sticker paper and neatly place it on anything you have broken, destroyed, screwed up or generally made bad. Voila. Absolved of guilt.

Gosh darn that satan. -.-

Speedbumps > Satan.


I need to vent.  Apart from broken biscuits and a slow connection, the worst thing in the world is… THE SPEEDBUMP.  I’ve never fully understood why they would be necessary, apart from the obvious hiding a body. When I see that demonic sign warning me that one is ahead (the sign is usually covered by trees), I get shivers down my spine, I feel the anger bubbling up inside me as I slow down to a crawl.  Once I have bounced painfully over it, corrected my spinal alignment and normalized my blood pressure, I pound the accelerator in an attempt to make up for lost time – essentially my finger to the powers that be. I’m not the only one that does this – I’ve seen countless frustrated drivers slam into grand prix mode the second that satanic bump is passed.

_Let me catch my breath_

I think that they should be banned and any suburbs that have speedbumps should be demolished.  6 life sentences to anyone who disagrees and/or was involved in the creation of a speedbump. Whoever invented them deserves nothing other than the death sentence.

Wow. That felt good.

Mario Bros. Illustration


I LOVE these.  I’m quite tired of being bombarded by digital illustration – to the point that most of the ones I see have lost their punch, simply because I’ve seen too many – but these are really cool.

Girl Gone Wild

This video is so beautifully done. Anyone who can make Madonna look 20 deserves special mention – who has a body like that at 90. Wow.