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Develop a Photographic Memory.

No idea if this works or not but it definitely sounds interesting.  I’m going to give it a go – if I last I’ll keep you posted. Check it out.




Some cool ideas.  Check them out here.

Unusual Business Cards


Some really nice ideas here (aesthetics aside).  I particularly like the one that you stick on car scratches.

Check them all out here.

OCD Chopping Board

I want one and I will kill you if you get in my way. Check it out.Image

K er ning Game.

K er ning Game.

Pretty cool way to learn about kerning – and quite addictive.

Deborah Dyer

Deborah Dyer

A sweet caricature of the most photogenic woman on the planet. Posted on the Skunk Anansie Facebook page. It’s by Algan.